Back Pain

Symptoms of Back Pain – Causes and Treatment 

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a highly effective treatment for back pain. Spinal muscles are encouraged to relax during IMS which results in the decompression of the spine with decreased pressure on spinal joints and spinal nerves, resulting in reduced pain.

Back Pain is a common problem in many people. However, the major reason responsible for it is a strain from activities. Back pain can bring discomfort and can be excruciating for people who suffer from them. People who experience back pain usually notice improvement within a few weeks. While they get better, one important thing to consider is to ensure they are always active, reducing bed rest as the pain subsides. 

Back Pain may happen due to injury or medical issues. As people age, they may start to notice back pain as the chances increase with age. Pain in the lower part can be connected to the bony lumbar spine, lower back muscles, abdominal and pelvic internal organs, and lots more. When there is a pain in the upper part of the back, this can be connected to aorta disorder, chest tumours, and spine inflammation. However, this is in rare cases, and most times, back pain is a result of poor posture or strenuous activities.

Causes of Back Pain 

Identifying the causes of back pain isn’t always easy to do. It is, however, crucial to understand that any structural damage type is rare. Although an individual suffers from back pain, it can cause lots of discomfort and upset; they will most likely get better in a matter of hours or days. Managing this type of pain while remaining active is possible. 

Back Pain can be a result of different physical factors. At times, it can be a result of a combination of these two factors. A few causes of Back Pain could be; 

  • Psychological factors: This factor could be a stressful feeling, a fear of slow recovery or illness improvement, or feeling down from some other issue.
  • Social Triggers: An individual may feel back pain if there is a difficult relationship with work partners or at home, unsatisfying job outputs, stressful life events such as bereavement. 
  • Physical factors: This factor could be a simple strain on the muscles; a situation where an individual decides not to move or engage in exercise, or to individuals who lift heavy loads regularly
  • Lifestyle and General Health Factors: An individual feel tired and turned down, lack adequate food, rest, or sleep, one who is overweight, and one who has a shortage or who do not take part in physical activities. Osteoporosis, a problem with the spine, can also result in back pain. 

It is vital to know that there is a reality in every pain. All these factors can cause back pain and, in some cases, intensify it. Also, note that certain factors like leg hurt, numbness, or needle piercing can cause back pain. Pain caused by these areas can be caused by irritation as a result of back nerves compression. 


The earliest sign to watch out for in back pain is ache. This can occur in any part of the back. At times, it can extend to certain parts of the body, including the legs and buttocks. Back Pain extending to other parts of the body depends on how the nerve is affected. Pain such as this type usually goes away on its own and does not require any treatment. However, there may be a need for treatment if it happens to people who have lost weight, have a fever, have certain parts of the back swelling, experience reoccurring pain suffered a recent injury, and more. 

Seeing a doctor

Seeking medical help is essential if an individual notices persistent back pain. An individual that experiences numbness or tingling should also see a doctor. It is best to go see a physiotherapist if; 

  • After resting, the back pain does not improve  
  • You have an injury or have fallen 
  • You have back pain with fever
  • Sudden weight loss 
  • You become weak almost all the time 



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