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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is a branch of physical therapy that is geared towards both athletes and casual players who have suffered an injury or on-going problem.

Sport activities, whether professional or otherwise, can cause muscle strain or even serious injuries. If these problems are not given proper medical attention and treatment, they can worsen. However, these unwanted injuries can now be alleviated and prevented from happening again through the application of sports physiotherapy. You can maximise your performance and the prevent future injuries through various techniques and exercises.
About Sports Physiotherapy at Reach Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy providers at Reach Physiotherapy have the knowledge and facilities to get any top athlete or wanna-be Olympian back up to speed. Whether it be the first few steps after an operation or the final stages needed to return to your sport, we have the equipment, knowledge and enthusiasm to get you back on track.

We are proud to have a specialised rehabilitation team available to provide you with the support you need. With backgrounds in sports injury management, chronic pain management, IMS, functional rehabilitation and massage therapies, our team at Reach Physiotherapy are qualified to deal with whatever sport injury you are suffering from.

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised form of physiotherapy which is designed to help with injuries or conditions occurred during sports activities. The modalities include hands-on treatment and rehabilitation. Whether you’re a professional athlete or in the beginning of your athletic journey, sports physiotherapy can be a suitable treatment form for you.

Sports physiotherapy is meant to help you get back on track as soon as possible in a safe, secure and effective way. The treated conditions through sports physiotherapy differ from nerve, ligament or muscle injuries to other musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Examining and diagnosing injuries
  • Identifying the cause of an injury
  • Designing an individual treatment plan
  • Rehabilitation
  • Performance enhancement
Sports activities require a lot of physical exertion and many sportspeople, professional or otherwise, can be more susceptible to injuries. A sports physiotherapist’s job is to enhance healing, through various exercise stretching techniques, after an individual has been injured. Sports physiotherapists are also responsible for teaching sportspeople how they can prevent injury through a variety of specialised exercises and stretches catered to their body and weak spots. The popularity of sports physiotherapy has been rapidly gaining ground over the years and is one of our most popular services.
Sports physiotherapy is beneficial for people irrespective of their age and helps alleviate pain, while teaching exercises and techniques to prevent injury from reoccurring. Working to improve the way the body handles physical stress, the techniques used in sports physiotherapy help to strengthen muscles, joints, and ligaments to withstand the pressure of sporting activities. Sports physiotherapy is significantly beneficial in numerous ways, including:
Helps Promote Relaxation
Through various stretches and low-impact workouts, sports physiotherapy helps athletes wind down at the end of a physically exhausting day. Sports physiotherapy helps promote relaxation, helping athletes relax and unwind so that they can properly rest in advance of the next day’s activities.
Any sportsmen, whether professional or not, know how necessary physical strength is to most sporting activities. At times, sportsmen have to withstand significant physical blows. These are particularly common in sports such as rugby, football, basketball, and boxing. Sports physiotherapy helps the athlete to improve their body toughness by strengthening their muscles, bones, and ligaments so that they can withstand high physical stress easily and with reduced risk of injury.
Sports physiotherapy works to build strength and flexibility and also helps reduce the chances of an athlete experiencing stress, torn ligaments, cramps, and more. Using effective ‘hands-on’ management techniques, our professional sport physiotherapists are able to strengthen your body, develop weak points, and prevent injury.
Despite being careful and taking caution during sporting activities, accidents and injuries can still occur. However, a sport physiotherapist helps ensure a sportsman’s speedy recovery while also reducing the likelihood of any further complications or injuries. If you’ve been injured, sports physiotherapy will help you recover from an injury faster so that you can get back to playing sport.

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For more information on different forms of physiotherapy treatments, see NHS website.