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Postnatal Women’s Health Physiotherapy

(also known as the Mummy MOT)

When having a baby, healthcare tends to be very focused on the actual birth, but not so much on the physical effects on mums post birth. Women often believe they have no choice but to put up with concerns such as tummy gaps, back pain and bladder issues. Problems that are treatable, with assistance.

What is women’s health physiotherapy?

Our specialised physiotherapy can help all women who have previously given birth but are still experiencing problems with their pelvic floor, lower back discomfort, bowel or bladder dysfunction, and so on.

What to Expect During Your Assessment:

The assessment should take approximately one hour and will cover: A complete postural screening Examination of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Examination of the abdominal muscles for any separation. Testing for problems with the bladder, bowels, or sexual organs.
post natal postnatal womens physiotherapy
postnatal womens physio

What Happens Following Your Assessment:

You will receive a full report of your assessment with recommendations The Physiotherapist will talk you through a rehabilitation programme which will be completely bespoke to you You will be shown how to safely perform any physiotherapy activities designed to help you with your condition The Physiotherapist will advise you on activities such as lifting safely

Meet Your Physiotherapist:

Levi Moore is a specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. She is based at our Brighton clinic and has been a practising Physiotherapist for 4 years. She has a particular passion in helping women improve their physical health and quality of life post-birth.
levi moore brighton physio

Book Your Mums’ MOT / Womens Health Assessment:

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