Work Station Assessments

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Ergonomic Advice & Work Conditioning

Ergonomic advice in Brighton

Ergonomic advice: If you are experiencing pain whilst sat at your desk, it may be that the monitor is too low, the chair is the wrong height or you need a foot stool. The team at Reach Physiotherapy provides information on how to limit the damage caused by prolonged stationary postures and we can also come to your office to set up your work station to keep you working pain free.

Ergonomic advice provided by our Chartered physios can allow you to utilise your workstation comfortably, efficiently, safely, and productively. We also offer advice on how you can prevent any future injuries whilst performing any tasks required at workplace.


Benefits of ergonomic advice


DSE Assessments and Healthy Working

We now offer Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments at Reach Physiotherapy! Computer workstations or equipment can be associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. For more info on the assessments and prices, please contact Reach Physiotherapy.
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Work conditioning at Reach Physiotherapy

Our team at Reach Physiotherapy realise that it is not just sport that puts demands on the body. If you are injured and need to return to an occupation that requires physical health, we analyse the tasks involved within your job and get you fit for that specific role. We can advise employers what you are fit to do and how you should return to the role.

To make an enquiry on our treatment forms, please use the contact form on our website. If you think that you may benefit from ergonomic advice and/or work conditioning sessions with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists then please contact Reach Physiotherapy to make an appointment by calling us on 01273 732 835 or email You can also book appointments online!