Physiotherapy Home Visits

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Physiotherapy Home Visits

Are you in need of physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your home? One of our skilled team can come out to see you or a loved one, in the comfort of your home.

Are you suffering from an ache or pain? Do you have any balance or mobility problems but are unable to leave your home?

Let one of our covid safe physios come to you, to help you get back on track.

Home Visits

Home Visits

You will be in safe hands with one of our team of expert physios. As well as being able to provide you with treatment in the comfort of your own home, it gives us the opportunity to assess how your environment may affect your condition and we will be able to offer you advice on how best to address these issues.

Whether it’s in your own home or a nursing home, we can help restore your independence.


Conditions We Can Help With

There are many conditions suitable for physio treatment in a home environment, including (but not limited to:)

We can also offer home assessments to ensure that your home is as safe as possible and meets your needs eg.

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Locations We Cover

We are based in Brighton, and cover a 15 mile radius around Brighton and Hove.

How to Book Physiotherapy at Home Appointment

You can self refer for physio at home, you do not need a GP referral.

Contact us on 01273 732835 /

What Happens During a Home Visit?

A typical visit will last 30 minutes to one hour. After your first assessment, which typically lasts for one hour, we will suggest a treatment.
The physio will need to examine the part of your body that is causing you the issue. You may be asked to partially undress to do this. If this causes you concern, you can ask to be seen by a physio of a specific gender and / or have a chaperone present.

After your initial treatment, you may be given a set of exercises to do. Your physio will go through each of these with you and recommend how often they should be completed.

The initial assessment costs : £120

Follow sessions cost: £110