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You can find physiotherapy testimonials below

If you have visited our clinic and would like to give your own testimonials, you can either email us or post a review on Google Maps or Facebook. All testimonials provided through these channels will be featured on this page. If you don’t want your testimonials to be featured or if you want it to stay anonymous, please let us know.

We thank you all for your kind words and devote ourselves to keep providing high-quality service to all our clients!

My experience at Reach has been amazing. Not only did Antony treat my injured shoulder in his studio but he also recommended other treatments & put together a complete plan, even demonstrating a whole list of exercises that have not only put me right but I feel have me stronger than before.

David Nicholson

Antony has worked wonders on my neck and shoulders and such a beautiful studio where I felt instantly relaxed and looked after. Antony’s knowledge and technique is amazing… would highly recommend!

Alice Robson

As a Personal Trainer, I need to stay active and mobile in my line of work. After I injured my shoulder during a workout I thought the best remedy would be to rest the joint and stop exercising. Several weeks passed and the pain didn’t go away, it was then that I sought the services of Anthony and Reach Physiotherapy. Anthony diagnosed my injury, prescribed me with a routine of stretches and strength building exercises and also treated me with IMS. Within two weeks the pain has gone and my shoulder feels stronger than ever before. Thank you Anthony for enabling me to continue to work, free from pain.

Joe Cave

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