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The physiotherapy and additional services offered at Reach Physiotherapy, Brighton can be a very effective treatment option for diverse conditions such as lower back pain, shoulder problems, sports injuries, head aches and dizziness. Accompanied with massage therapy, Pilates and yoga, we can create an individually designed treatment plan, that progresses you from our care to your self management in a fluid, affordable nature. 

If you would like to make an enquiry as to how we can help you with your problem, you can email us on or call on 01273 732835.

You can make an appointment without your doctor’s referral. However, it is advisable to notify your doctor of any physiotherapy or massage treatments you are receiving.

Here at Reach Physiotherapy we treat a range of conditions caused by pains and ailments, including:

brighton back pain treatment physiotherapy

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can originate from a variety of sources including joints, discs, nerves and muscles. One of our highly skilled physiotherapists or osteopaths will assess the source of your pain to determine the best course of treatment.

Together we work with you to prescribe exercises, perform a variety of manual therapy techniques to address the root cause of your back and neck pain.

sciatica and physiotherapy


Sciatica is a broad term used to describe pain that is often felt down someone’s leg and originates from compression or dysfunction of the sciatic nerve. This condition is often very debilitating and quite often the highest degree of pain experienced by patients that we treat. The objective in helping someone with sciatica is to locate the source of this nerve dysfunction and reduce the pressure being put on the nerve. Manual and exercise therapy techniques are often used alongside modalities such as intramuscular stimulation (IMS) and spinal mobilisations to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pilates is often advised as a way to prevent its return, once someone is in a more stable state.

shoulder pain and physiotherapy

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. It is a finely balanced joint that offers mobility, upper limb dexterity and power to throw. This joint can become imbalanced, leading to pain from tendons and other such structures as bursa.
The role of your physiotherapist at Reach Physiotherapy,Brighton, is to guide you through rebalancing this wonderful joint to return function and reduce any pain associated with the area. Shoulder rehabilitation is often very specific to the individual, their specific sport, occupation or hobby and often requires an individually tailored programme to return them to full function.

knee pain reach physiotherap

Knee / Foot / Ankle Pain

Pain and dysfunction into any of these areas can be caused by dysfunction of each area individually and can commonly result from biomechanical issues affecting the entire lower limb kinetic chain as a whole.
Your treating physiotherapist will look at the body work as a complete unit to determine any biomechanical differences and will also assess each joint individually to diagnose any local joint problems.
Exercise therapy often forms an integral part to rehabilitating lower limb problems.

tennis elbow physio treatment

Tennis / Golfers Elbow

You don’t have to play tennis or golf to suffer from this condition. Named so due to the increased incidents of medial and lateral elbow pain, within these sporting populations, office workers and carpenters can as easily be affected.
The most common cause of this condition is damage to the tendons that control the wrist flexors and extensors. Increased strain on these tendons cause micro tears to occur into the tendon, thus creating an inflammatory response and pain.
Rehabilitation of this condition often involves analysing your job, sport or hobby to recommend changes to form and function.
Shockwave therapy and a prescriptive loading regime often offer great benefit when trying to solve this often long standing injury.

headaches GUNN IMS


There are many reasons as to why we may experience dizziness. An assessment from one of our qualified physiotherapists into the cause of your dizziness may be to diagnose benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). During this assessment, they will perform other tests to rule out other possible causes then look to help you rehabilitate from this life affecting condition.

brighton hove womens health physio

Womens health / Pregnancy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy helps with the treatment and management of pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological conditions.
Women’s health Physiotherapy can help all women in all stages of their lives. This could be during childbearing, postpartum and menopausal years.
Women’s health physios can help manage and even sometimes cure the following:

  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Diastase rectus abdominus
  • Mummy MOT (postnatal check and posture
  • screening)
  • Incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • Pelvic pain syndromes
  • Bladder pain syndromes

You will receive a full report of your assessment with recommendations.
The Physiotherapist will talk you through a rehabilitation programme that will be completely bespoke to you. You will be shown how to safely perform any physiotherapy activities designed to help you with your condition.
The Physiotherapist will advise you on activities such as lifting safely.

best osteopathy in brighton sussex

Pre / Post Op Rehab

Whether you are preparing for an operation or have recently undergone surgery, our team of physiotherapists and rehab specialists are able to guide you through the process.
Getting stronger prior to surgery, when able, can speed up your recovery after surgery and we often work directly with local, world class orthopaedic surgeons, via rehab protocols to get you back on track safely.
With our fully equipped in house gym, we have all the equipment that you would need to get ready for your op or to get back on track after surgery.

headache treatment in brighton hove


Headaches have a number of causes. Whether they are tension related, posture related or due to TMJ problems, Reach Physiotherapy Brighton has a team of allied health professionals to help you resolve this condition.
Make sure you are drinking enough water also, as dehydration can be a cause as well as getting your eyes and ergonomic environment assessed by an accredited professional.

Our team of physiotherapists, massage therapists and rehabilitation specialists is trained in different areas of pain management and rehabilitation. You can find a full list of treatments provided at Reach Physiotherapy on the right-hand side menu. If you have any questions about your condition, injury or aches, you can make an enquiry on our contact page.
conditions treated with physiotherapy in Brighton

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