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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of therapists and instructors

Our team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors and exercise specialists work together to formulate the most effective treatment protocols to get you back doing what you love as quickly as possible.

Antony Causton physiotherapist brighton

Anthony Causton - Physiotherapist


MCSP, HPC, Certified GUNN IMS Practitioner

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the musculoskeletal and orthopaedic field of physiotherapy, Antony has a wealth of knowledge. Over the years, Antony has worked with professional football teams and Olympic athletes, treating patients of all ages, activity levels, and abilities.

The motto at Reach Physiotherapy is ‘Helping you reach your goals’. With a team of fully-qualified and experienced physiotherapists, massage therapists, exercise specialists, nutritionists, and yoga and Pilates instructors, Reach Physio’s specialists work together to help develop an effective treatment plan for each individual.

It is this treatment plan and the dedication of the team at Reach Physio that helps many people reach their goals safely and effectively with long-lasting results.

Levi physiotherapist pilates instructor

Levi Moore - Physiotherapist/ Pilates instructor


Levi is a senior physiotherapist working within the NHS and the private practice. Since graduating she has gained experience in orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and paediatric physiotherapy.

Levi is an APPI Pilates instructor and can apply her clinical knowledge to make her Pilates sessions bespoke to you. She is qualified in Ante & Post natal Pilates and can help you with returning to your goals throughout and after pregnancy. Levi has worked internationally in Verbier, Switzerland to treat acute injuries. She enjoys working with patients from a variety of different backgrounds.

hannah johnson physiotherapist brighton

Hannah Johnson - Physiotherapist


Hannah is a chartered physiotherapist who qualified in London in 2012, since then she has gained extensive experience in rehabilitation specialising particularly in neurology. Whilst working in London she worked in conjunction with some of the leading neurological services and has recently completed a masters module for the specialist management of multiple sclerosis.


Hannah has a passion for the assessment and treatment of movement disorders that have resulted from injury or disease to the brain or spinal cord. Hannah has a wide range of skills which can be applied to assist an individual to regain or maintain their maximal movement and functional independence.


Hannah currently works as a senior physiotherapist for the NHS and the private sector and believes that a holistic approach to physiotherapy works best. As well as Hannahs experience in neurology she has also worked in the private sector seeing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Through this experience Hannah has gained a vast variety of skills in assessing and treating musculoskeletal disorders whether the cause be due to a new injury or as a result of a long term condition. 


In the past Hannah has run falls groups, modified pilate classes, provided pre/post natal therapy advice and offered acupuncture. She has a personal interest in aromatherapy, holistic care and mindful movement. Hannah believes in working collaboratively with all of her clients and will always offer evidence based practise that is specific to you and your therapy goal.

nic williams physiotherapist brighton

Nic Williams - Physiotherapist


Nicola Williams is one of our Chartered Physiotherapists and utilises the latest evidence and research to constantly update her practice. Nicola is passionate about facilitating movement health to help you to achieve your movement goals, big or small. Nicola specialises in acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, movement analysis, sports performance (in particular running analysis and technique rehabilitation) and is a skilled hands on therapist, clinical acupuncturist and clinical Pilates teacher.

Nicola has a keen interest in her own fitness, which stemmed from her spell in the Royal Air Force, in particular adventure sports such as kayaking and climbing. What is important to note is that she is not particularly good at any of these things but understands the significance of giving it a go anyway!

Nicola has previously worked in NHS hospitals, private sports clinic’s and running schools and has experience treating a wide variety of patients, from post-surgical, sports injuries to chronic pain. Nicola values movement retraining and kinetic control and tries to apply this to her assessments to help find the reason behind pain and discomfort, and prevent future episodes. Where possible Nicola involves lots of manual therapy to her treatments through clinical acupuncture or hands on muscle and joint release.

hannah payton physio brighton

Hannah Payton - Physiotherapist


Hannah is a chartered physiotherapist and currently works in the NHS and private sector. Hannah has experience in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Prior to being a physiotherapist, Hannah was a professional cyclist and draws on this experience to understand the impact of injury and the importance of rehabilitation to treat each of her patients in the best way possible.

Hannah uses manual therapy techniques and medical acupuncture alongside strengthening programmes to treat acute and chronic conditions and prevent future problems.

Nina brighton massage therapist

Nina Hultier - Massage


Nina is one of Reach’s experienced in house sports massage therapists. Working closely with the Physio team – she helps alleviate specific muscular tightness/imbalances to help clients get back to full health. 

Alongside working in the clinic, Nina also works as a martial art instructor teaching Brazillian jiu-jitsu and self defence. This teaching combined with her own martial art training- has meant Nina has come into contact with a variety of injuries! Experience in which she certainly draws upon this to help offer the best possible treatments to her clients.

Will Preston massage therapist brighton

Will Preston - Massage


Ultrarunner and general outdoors enthusiast. Will enjoys running, hiking and climbing in the British countryside and mountains, especially Scotland, with an earlier background in martial arts and parkour. His approach to training is centred on the belief that being able to move easily, without pain or apprehension plays a significant part in improving the quality of life for many people, and that body confidence rooted in learning new skills and capacities is more enduring and rewarding than that based on appearance.

A serious ankle injury and surgery in 2014 sparked an intense interest in the processes of recovery and the mechanics of running. Will self-coached his way back to fitness and two years later was back racing the 38 mile Downslink Ultra.

As a personal trainer, Will is GP referral qualified, with additional qualifications in strength and conditioning, and gait analysis, and is a UK Athletics certified Leader in Running Fitness.

He is also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist trained in injury recovery, pre and post competition
massage and neuro-muscular release (trigger point therapy).

beatrice leone sports massage yoga

Beatrice Leone - Sports Massage / Yoga


Beatrice is a Holistic, Deep Tissue and Clinical Massage Therapist. She first qualified with Jing Advanced Massage Training and has continued on with the Advanced Clinical Massage Training. She uses a combination of techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Advanced Sports Stretching.

She is also a Yoga Teacher with over 300hrs of training – including Hatha and Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Pre and Postnatal, Postural Assessment, Meditation and Pranayama. She has been working as a yoga teacher full-time since January 2019.

Beatrice came to yoga after years of competitive skiing as she needed something to relieve back pain due to scoliosis and various injuries. Yoga helped her find mindful, controlled movement and the attention to the breath relieved her stress. Her passion for anatomy and helping people relieve pain and anxiety has influenced her decision to become a Clinical Massage Therapist.

maxine quinn Sports Massage Therapist

Maxine Quinn - Sports Massage Therapist


Maxine is a highly qualified Clinical & Advanced Sports Massage Therapist with a holistic approach to her individual client’s needs; creating a uniquely tailored massage experience.

Maxine likes to work with balance, energy, alignment and movement healing techniques.  No two clients are ever the same. They may have similar ailments or injuries but will react differently to treatments. Therefore, so as to improve their function, Maxine uses an orthopaedic testing assessment to locate the origin of the pain or injury, before preparing a combination of various techniques to suit each particular client.

Maxine is passionate about helping people rehabilitate from injury and is experienced with helping to provide relief from on-going chronic pain and illness, teaching core strengthening exercises, working through stubborn emotional trauma in scar tissue and many other health conditions.

A keen netball player herself she understands the needs to maintaining functional movement and staying injury free. Body maintenance, massage and regular stretching can keep you injury free. Heathy mind, healthy body. Maxine believes everything from mind and body is interconnected and it’s about tapping into what motivates you to get your mind & body flowing in harmony together.

Maxine offers a range of treatment sessions; Nada ear acupuncture, Scar Tissue Massage, pre-natal/post-natal massage, core stretching sessions, clinical sports massage treatment, foam roller sessions, rehabilitation massage & functional movement.

Thirsty for further knowledge and understanding Maxine’s next courses are Oncology massage and hypnotherapy. watch this space.

Halleli pilates instructor brighton

Halleli Nenner - Pilates / Yoga


Halleli had a passion for dance and movement skills from an early age, she loves meeting people and sharing knowledge of Pilates and healing through movement. 

After graduating from the Sandcial School of Dance and Circus Skills,  she went on to study at the Prestigious Nissan Nativ School Of Acting in Tel Aviv. It was here that she discovered that Pilates would combine her love of yoga and movement which led her to pursue her path as a teacher.

Louise B pilates instructor brighton

Louise Boussemart - Pilates


Louise first discovered Pilates a few years ago now, and got hooked when she felt the huge
benefits of this method, not only physically, but also on her general wellbeing and stress management. The mat has been her happy place ever since. After completing her masters degree, she decided to follow a dream and qualified as a Pilates instructor at Tula Training. Since then, Louise has been fond of teaching and sharing the many physical and mental benefits of Pilates with all fitness levels.

Her approach is highly focused on creating mindful flows whilst encouraging participants to reach their fitness goals. Above all, she is genuinely passionate about offering participants an opportunity to take a
break from their hectic and stressful lives, self-care, breath deeply, and truly connect their
mind and body for the time of a Pilates session.

Lauren pool Pilates teacher brighton

Lauren Pool - Pilates


Lauren is a certified Comprehensive Pilates teacher after completing two years of training in London’s Polestar Pilates school. Her training specialises in rehab and preventative Pilates working with clients both 1:1 and in group sessions. Lauren started her training as a Pilates teacher due to the positive impacts it had in recovery from a knee injury and a chronic illness. After 12 years working in a high-pressure industry, Lauren understands firsthand how valuable a movement practice can be to support mind and body health.

Each one of Lauren’s classes is designed to create a positive movement experience. The outcome leaves you with a sense of strength, calm and balance through your body and mind. Pilates is a powerful movement tool that can not only help with making everyday movement more easeful it can also improve immediate and long-term physical and mental benefits.

Elda Martello pilates teacher

Elda Martello - Pilates

Pilates, for Elda, is a celebration of movement, that we use to achieve well-being in body, mind and spirit. What started as a hobby, became her passion, and then took over as her career. Not content with simply certifying as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, she is continually drawn to an ever-deeper study of anatomy and exercises.

Elda enjoys working with clients of all ages, abilities and experience. Seeing their transformation reaffirms her belief in Pilates’ benefits. Interacting with them leaves space for reciprocal growth. “This development creates a positive energy we can both use to face change and to achieve our goals”.

Elda designs classes to create positive energy, improve your flexibility, build strength and re-educate your body to move in a more precise, controlled and fluid way. The emphasis on the breath, alignment and developing a strong core will enable you to achieve well-being. You can increase intensity over time as your body adapts itself to the exercises.

Sophie Thwaites occupational therapist

Sophie Thwaites - Occupational Therapist


Sophie has over 5 years experience working with children with varying learning differences in Australia, USA and England. She has developed a broad understanding of how best to work with children, and how to help them establish greater connections with their surrounding environment. In order to help a child focus, concentrate, improve their handwriting, develop relationships, and create more effective communication skills, a child must work in unison with their body. Only once a child develops this, can the brain move its focus away from the body, and instead on to higher cognitive functioning.

Sophie has personal experience of the struggles and challenges school life can have on a child, and has a great passion to minimise this and to help other children reach their full potential.

Drea Campos Little Acupuncturist

Drea Campos Little - Acupuncture


Drea is a certified Acupuncturist and Naturopath, completing her train at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London that required four years of study and 430 hours of clinical practice. She is a registered member of both the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP). Drea has also undertaken post-graduate training in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, Acupuncture for Fertility & IVF support, and Acupuncture for Common Conditions in Pregnancy.

Drea strives to give every one of her patients the time and attention they need to find their own healing path whether this is to support them with a specific complaint or simply to help keep everything in balance. She combines the art of Acupuncture with Naturopathic Principles to create a treatment plan that is tailored to each person.

anna moy clinic coordinator

Anna Moy - Clinic Co-ordinator


Anna has always had a keen interest in health and wellbeing, she started her working life as a salon receptionist, and went on to complete her level 3 qualification in hairdressing.

After a few years traveling overseas, Anna returned to the UK and began working for Reach Physiotherapy as a member of the clinical team.

Finding herself drawn to the health industry and job roles where people are the heart of the business, she has extended her professional knowledge by completing her personal training qualification.

joe cave brighton personal trainer

Joe Cave - Personal Trainer

Joe is a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer.
He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Reach Physiotherapy Clients and offers 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions from our exclusive training Studio.
Through working with Joe you will set achievable goals and start taking simple steps towards a fitter and healthier body.
Whether it’s injury rehabilitation,weight loss,increased strength or improved fitness Joe can help you progress and obtain results.

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