Woman’s Health Physio

Are you a postnatal mum interested in returning to your fitness, function, and energy levels?

Every pregnancy, birth and recovery is different and our Mummy M.O.T. ® trained health professional, Levi Moore is here to help your body heal.

Becoming a mum and experiencing childbirth is an immense challenge for the body and thus affects your wellbeing. Readjusting and recovering from birth physically and mentally can take time, particularly with regard to the pelvic muscles.

Woman’s Postnatal Health Check

The Mummy MOT® is for all women who have given birth and would like their symptoms and issues alleviated. You’re always postnatal after giving birth and this assessment can be booked any time from 6 weeks onwards.

 “Today I had my mummy MOT and I really, really hope in the future it is given as part of postnatal recovery on the NHS.” – TV’s Gemma Atkinson Instagram stories

When attending a specialist postnatal examination at Reach Physiotherapy, our Woman’s Health Physiotherapist, Levi Moore will compile a comprehensive medical history of your pregnancy, labour and delivery, explore any concerns you have following the birth of your baby such as those listed below and from there talk through a bespoke rehabilitation programme with you.

  • breathing
  • posture
  • spine movement
  • tummy muscle separation
  • core cylinder
  • core musculature
  • pelvic floor strength
  • shoulder or wrist pain
  • c-section or episiotomy scarring
  • hydration
  • nutrition
  • gentle movement
  • incontinence
  • bladder pain syndromes
  • constipation
  • prolapsed pelvic organs
  • pain in the pelvis or with sexual intercourse

An external physical examination including musculoskeletal testing and internal pelvic floor muscular examination will assess the health and performance of your pelvic floor musculature.

Levi will then advise personalised manual therapy, exercises, stretches and follow up aftercare options based on your examination findings.

Feel free to call our clinic directly at 01273 732 835 to book your Mummy MOT appointment. 

* Contact Reach Physiotherapy for a list of references used for this blog content.