Why choose Core Strengthening?

Building a strong core gives the basis for optimal body functioning. The centre helps bridge the body together, as it gives the association between our lower and upper body. All movements are worked through the core, basically the main impetus and support for the whole body. A solid, adaptable core will assist with forestalling injuries, enhance athletic activities, and work on postures.

What is Core?

The core muscles are associated with keeping up with pelvic and spinal stability. The core can be separated into two groups as per its functionality. The main gathering of muscles is the inner core muscles, also known as local stabilising muscles. The second group is called the outer core muscles.

Muscle Group that makes up the Core:

  • Abdominals
  • Oblique’s
  • Back
  • Pelvic floor
  • Spine
  • Glutes
  • Diaphragm

Importance of Core Muscles and Strength:

The centre gives dependability to the trunk to adjust and for developments like lifting loads and standing up from a seat. It likewise gives versatility to permit the middle to move depending on the situation, for example, when one goes after the safety belt or swings a golf club.

Besides, the core muscles are engaged with regular activities, for example, breathing, urination, posture, and defecation.

Every breath one takes, the stomach has a huge impact in permitting air to stream into and out of the lungs. When a person sits upright, the centre contracts to keep the spine upstanding. When the person uses the restroom, the core muscles help with bowel and bladder movements.

Strengthening the Core:

Core strength practices reinforce the muscles, including the abs, back muscles, and the muscles around the pelvis. Solid core muscles make it simpler to do numerous tasks.

Repeat every one of these strengthening exercises multiple times. As the core strength improves, increase the repetitions of the exercises. Assuming one has back issues, osteoporosis, or other concerns, converse with the physiotherapist before doing these core-strength works out.

Exercises for Core Strengthening:

Regarding preparing the core, don’t simply think of sit-ups and crunches. The best way to develop core strength is by alternating exercises like squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, and shoulder presses.

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Side plank with rotation
  • Warrior crunch
  • V-Sits
  • Bird Dog
  • L-Twists
  • Bridge
  • Russian Twists
  • Crunch
  • Ab Wheel Roll-out
  • Turkish get-up
  • Leg Raise
  • Supine toe tap
  • Dead bug
  • Dumbbell Side Bends
  • Bird dog with an elbow to knee
  • Bicycle Ab Crunch
  • Mountain climber

Benefits of a strong core:

As a result of the disarray about what the core is, many individuals imagine that core strengthening implies simply doing stomach muscle exercises. Sarah Walls, a personal trainer and the owner of Strength & Performance Training, Inc. (SAPT) in Virginia, says that core strengthening exercises equal abs training in some aspects. But it also equates with hip and back training and educating oneself on how to balance the core muscles.

  • Stabilising the muscles of the lower back
  • Enhancing the flexibility of the body
  • Helping with balance and posture
  • Increasing stability for movement and lifting
  • Making everyday movement easier and more fluid
  • Helps in reducing and preventing the pain
  • Supports the strength training exercises
  • Making running a lot easier
  • Helps reduce lower-body injury

The core is liable for regular developments. It likewise safeguards the internal organs and sensory system. Keeping areas of core stable and strong hence is significant. Whether one is hoping to launch a standard workout daily schedule or add a push to the current one, strong core moves are an extraordinary beginning spot.

Our team at Reach Physio, Brighton can help you achieve a strong core. We have a wealth of knowledge on how to assist in core conditioning including sports rehabilitation expert Daniel Dean and many Pilates and Yoga teachers.

We offer the physical therapy services listed below at Reach Physiotherapy and have a fully equipped Pilates studio for classes, and individual and couples sessions. Pilates is a method of physical exercise designed to strengthen and rebalance the body. The series of movements work the deep muscles and correct our posture, relieve back and neck pains and improve our core strength and mobility.

– Physiotherapy both manual and exercise therapy. 


– Pilates

– Massage 

– Osteopathy

– Hydrotherapy 

– Yoga sessions


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