What is Reformer Pilates?

Pilates workout is one of the most popular workouts today. This exercise was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. The best thing about Pilates workouts is that anyone can do them. This includes everyone from athletes to the elderly and women trying to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Pilates focuses on six core principles: alignment, breath control, precision, focus, and flow.

In this article, you will find useful tips that will help you to get the most out of Pilates exercise with the help of a Pilates Reformer. The Pilates method of exercising to form a low intensity workout that is suitable for anyone in any condition was invented by Joseph Pilates. Since then, Pilates has become successful both in the healthy and the slightly not well populations because of its low energy requirement. The Pilates reformer is just one of the many Pilates tools that the method employs and it is also the most popular of it all, with its simplicity and also because of its economic size.

Pilates Matwork

Ideally, performing the Pilates Matwork would be the most ideal type of exercise that you can do, but in reality, nobody can really do the demanding workouts of matwork without first experiencing the less tiring methods. This is when you can use a Pilates reformer but also remember that, it is very important to do Pilates of any form with the help of an instructor. The Pilates instructor can tell which part of the body to focus and work on, which workout methods would suit you most, and which machine you can use.

The Pilates reformer is one of the most effective tools of all the Pilates machines. Just its name entails something that is a big claim on its own, “reformer” meaning something that reforms, and indeed it does reform your body.

The first basic workout would have you lying face up on the carriage, as they call it. The instructor then comes in to help position you correctly to prevent strain on your body. And then you push your body, carriage and all, up and down or back and forth, depending on which type of Pilates Reformer you are using.

Pilates instructors

Pilates instructors guide you so as to ensure that you maintain a neutral spine and pelvis position, to prevent you from straining them. Also, in addition to that you can even feel the movements coming from your deep core muscles. Pilates is aimed to strengthen your core muscles, and this is what a Pilates Reformer does very well. Aside from this, you must also relax your quads, hip flexors, and knees, these are the worked out parts of your body. The Pilates reformer and with the help of the guidance or instructor, helps these parts of your body relax much more easily and puts the other parts, such as the back of your legs and your hips in a way that can absorb most of the strain instead of the knee.

Exercising with a Pilates reformer can progress to a much higher intensity once your instructor has given you the go ahead for the removal of the foot bar, to circling your legs, and to more tedious movements.

This would increase the intensity and also makes things complicated so having an instructor is a must or is very important. With time, step by step, all mechanical support from the body is removed and the body has to do more to compensate. This is the advantage of the Pilates Reformer. All you need is one machine to increase the intensity and assist you to do your workouts.

Your body gets stronger and your core muscles get tighter with each session. With the Pilates Reformer, you’ll be able to strengthen yourself and do harder workouts for longer. In the end, what you get out of this Pilates reformer workout is entirely up to you. The more you invest, the more you get. It would definitely help if you could formulate a procedure to follow.

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