Wellbeing Clinic Opening Soon

The link between musculoskeletal injury, chronic pain and stress is well documented. So too are the importance of ergonomics and posture in supporting musculoskeletal health and preventing injury. All of these components are important for sustainable healthy high performance at work or in training.

From January 2021 I will be providing a weekly Wellbeing Clinic each Friday at Reach Physiotherapy.  The Clinic will be a safe space to assess and respond to the stress and wellbeing challenges that might be hindering your ability to sustain healthy high performance at work or in training.

We know that Lockdown 2.0 has had a real impact for many people who are responding to new working patterns, trying to make working from home, work for them and adjusting to the impact of a global pandemic on their work and life balance.

Outdoor session available to book 1st – 18th December

In response to this and in advance of our clinic launch, Rachel wanted to offer members of the Reach community a one-off opportunity to work with her following Lockdown 2.0 and check in on your psychological safety, wellbeing and resilience.  Using academically peer reviewed tools such as Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing (WRAW) this short-term intervention will capture where you are now, help to raise your self-awareness and support you to embed sustainable healthy coping strategies which will enhance your personal wellbeing and resilience now and in the future.

Your work with Rachel can be a mix of video meeting and 1:1 walk and talk in a local Brighton Park or along the seafront covering

  • Energy: Sustaining and renewing physical energy to have the capacity to keep going through challenging times
  • Future Focus: Having a clear sense of purpose and direction to help to move forwards without getting stuck or feeling held back
  • Inner Drive: Sustaining self-belief when times get tough, displaying confidence, motivation and perseverance
  • Flexible Thinking: Having an open and optimistic mindset enabling a positive and adaptive response to change and challenges
  • Strong Relationships: Building open and trusting relationships and being willing to call on these for help and support if facing a challenge.

Please contact Rachel@soircas.co.uk quoting “Reach for your Wellbeing” to set up a discovery call.

Rachel Cashman

The Soircas Consultancy Ltd

0777 971 7795



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