Reformer Pilates

Introduced to the UK by pioneering teacher Alan Herdman who trained with Joseph Pilates, Reformer Pilates is highly rated by many celebrities including Beyoncé, Elle Macpherson and Emma Stone. Created in the early part of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer who published ‘Return To Life Through Contrology’ in 1945, Reformer Pilates was part of the original technique of Pilates which helps to stabilise and support your back and spine. The apparatus, which has bars to hang from, was designed for bed-bound WW1 patient’s rehabilitation purposes.

The Reformer machine has a frame, known as the ‘carriage’, mobilises on wheels whilst attached by a set of springs that provide for resistance training. The foot bar and straps are used for both legs and arms to improve balance, flexibility and strength.  More strength and proper muscle engagement is required when the spring resistance is adjusted to a lighter setting and by holding more of the body off the platform.

Eccentric training

It is an inclusive full body workout that will help develop your whole body and similar to mat pilates, Reformer Pilates improves core, back, glutes and thigh strength. Your body alignment, coordination, posture and muscles will be improved through this eccentric muscle training. This will also result in improved cardiovascular health and lowered blood pressure.

Mindful benefits

The Pilates Reformer movement system is designed to better our everyday life and well being. Improved mind-body connection and memory are proven mental benefits of Reformer Pilates. This workout encourages diaphragmatic breathing and there are specific techniques to flush the body of stress hormones. Exercising is generally good for our wellbeing, releases endorphins and natural serotonin which then relieve depression and anxiety.

A comprehensive workout for all

If you would like to improve your athletic performance, balance, bone density and posture or recover from an injury, pain and loss weight the reformer accommodates a full range of motion. It is great for increasing flexibility whilst building strength. Specifically, your muscles are able to extend to the fullest position when you hold the cables and put your feet in the straps.

At Reach Physiotherapy Brighton, we offer both reformer and mat Pilates. A reformer is a highly specialised piece of equipment. Following an assessment with your Pilates teacher, you may start your journey on one of these wonderful pieces of versatile apparatus. We will ensure that you are safe when attending Pilates classes within our clinic’s studio.

– Only 4 people Max per class to ensure Covid safety.

 Memberships available for group classes.

– Blocks of 1-2-1 sessions for money saving.

– The only central Brighton reformer studio.

– Intro offer of £39.99, unlimited classes for one month.

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