Physiotherapy for Muscle Pain

Muscle strains are the most regular injuries in sports. Muscles are generally inclined to strain when utilised to accelerate or decelerate quickly and are usually found in the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gastrocnemius.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness:

The medical and wellness experts call the sore muscles that happen after a workout delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. It’s a known issue with sportspeople and any individual who puts their muscles through more use regularly use. The condition comes from workout actuated muscle damage or the muscle’s aggravation because of microtears of muscle filaments. Numerous treatment choices exist for muscle pain.

DOMS sets in the day after hard exercise, normally following a night’s rest, and stops from 24 to 72 hours after action before subsiding. Manifestations can incorporate muscle aches, stiffness and swelling. The pain can go from irritating to excruciating.

Treatment centers on lessening the aggravation and permitting the sensitive muscle to mend appropriately. 

Physiotherapy and Muscle Soreness and Pain:

Physiotherapists are the best experts to help with muscle pain. Muscles comprise millions of individual fibers. When a portion of the filaments can’t deal with the pressure set on them, they can get torn.

What are the Grades of Muscle Strain?

There are three grades or severities of muscle strains.

Grade I:

A small number of muscle fibers are strained.


Pain, but no loss of strength or movement.

Grade II:

Up to 50% of muscle fibers are strained.


Pain and swelling, reduced strength, movement is limited by pain.

Grade III:

50-100% of muscle fibers are strained.


Severe swelling and pain, complete loss of function.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

  • Prescribing a proper warm-up and cool-down
  • Ensuring a full joint range of motion
  • Easing muscle tightness and fatigue
  • Addressing muscle strength imbalances
  • Ensuring previous injuries are healed
  • Correcting faulty biomechanics

How do physiotherapists treat muscle strains?

Physiotherapy treatment relies upon the period of mending. Physiotherapy treatment for muscle strains can shift from load management advice, taping, dry needling, and hands-on delicate tissue treatment.

Acute inflammatory phase

Physiotherapy treatment involves letting the inflammatory process proceed. Treatment consists of education on RICER and HARM principles, pain management, and maintaining strength and movement in areas surrounding the injury.

Physiotherapists will stand by 72 hours preceding starting treatment of the localised region. They can offer fitting guidance regarding the intense administration of the injury like bolsters, bracing, and pain relief strategies during the initial 24 hours.

Repair phase

Physiotherapy treatment includes proceeding to shield the localised area from re-injury and from putting more load. Moreover, they will endorse activities and utilise hands-on methods to keep up muscle strength and joint movement scope.

Remodeling phase

Physiotherapy treatment includes:

  • Retraining the proprioception.
  • Tending to strength or joint scope of movement shortfalls.
  • Recommending practices explicit to the game or exercises.

Physiotherapy is Essential for Bodybuilders:

The bodybuilding training process is itself an unpleasant and stressful occasion for the entire body. While no one can deny it, it is an unbelievable achievement and has numerous advantages. However, it likewise now and again is a cause of injury. A physiotherapist helps in the following ways:

  • Essential to Injury Rehabilitation
  • Essential to Injury Prevention
  • Physio Can Pump You Up
  • Muscles and Joints That Won’t Suffer in Advancing Years
  • Avoid Falling Prey to Pain Killers

Bodybuilders spend an extended period in the gym. They go through a progression of training to create toned muscles and obtain a sculpted physique. Physiotherapy is a degree in human mechanics that has a profound comprehension of how the body functions. This information permits us to distinguish “how” and “why” something is dysfunctional and not just what is sore.


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