Physiotherapy and Tennis

Getting athletes back on the court faster.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom and is especially well liked by older individuals seeking to stay fit. According to statistics from 2019, 754,900 people in the UK participated in tennis.

Tennis is a demanding sport and that is why sports therapists regularly treat individuals suffering from injuries specific to the sport. Injuries can range from pulled muscles to more serious issues including labral tears.

The discomfort and pain individuals experience can be excruciating. However, physiotherapy can aid in the treatment and recovery of injuries suffered on the tennis court, getting players back on their feet faster than alternative methods.

Why are injuries in tennis so common?

Regardless of the level of tennis an athlete plays, the sport’s very essence makes it a potential landmine for injuries. The movements a player makes during a tennis match or training session puts pressure on the body. Tennis is a sport that requires different degrees of coordination, power, speed, and balance. The muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons all feel a great amount of force constantly put on them.

The intensity of tennis matches makes it more likely that an injury will happen in competition. The movements a player makes on the court make it possible for injuries to occur from head to toe. Players most commonly experience issues with their spine, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and shoulders.

The sensitive nature of these areas makes an operation difficult to recover from quickly. It can also set an athlete back, keeping them on the sidelines for longer. In the end, the body may not return to the same level as it would with sports physiotherapy sessions.

Some players do not stretch enough or work on strengthening outside of playing tennis. This can leave them more susceptible to injury. Through seeing a physio, they can get advice on how to improve these aspects and thus prevent injuries.

Why visit a sports physiotherapist?

Sports physiotherapy can do wonders for an athlete regardless of their level of performance. Athletes from top-class professionals down to aspiring Olympians to weekend warriors can benefit from sports physical therapy.

One of the main reasons individuals seek out physiotherapy for an injury is due to it being a healthy alternative to other methods of recovery. Some athletes choose to go down the operation route or take substances to heal the pain. These can lead to negative consequences that do not fully fix the issue and cause additional problems.

A physiotherapist can help a tennis player recovering from a labral tear without turning to a surgical procedure. Once the injury is examined and diagnosed, the physiotherapist can identify the cause of the injury. Not only does this give a clear indication of how the injury occurred, but it allows the athlete to learn what caused it. Therefore, the athlete can tailor their performance to prevent injury in the future. After identifying the cause, the physiotherapist will design a specified treatment plan just for the athlete. There is no one-size fits all plans just as all athletes are different. Rehabilitation follows and the athlete’s performance will be back to normal or enhanced thanks to the treatment offered.


Injuries are a common aspect of tennis. Regardless of a player’s performance level, pro or amateur, an injury can pop up at any moment. Sports physiotherapy provides an athlete with a quick recovery. It also offers an alternative to surgery, resulting in fewer complications.

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