Nuffield Fusion

Those with cover under Nuffield fusion can come to our clinic for treatment.

We are now able to receive clients including Amex employees, through Nuffield Fusion, who have AXA PPP health cover and also Aviva health insurance.

American Express is one of Brighton’s biggest employers and we are pleased to say that Reach Physiotherapy is now able to welcome employees of Amex, who have healthcare included in their company benefits package. 

Brighton has been home to the multinational financial services company American Express for more than 25 years. Its European Operating Centre, Amex House in Edward Street, opened in 1977.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Care

American Express’ employee benefits make it one of the top places to work.

AMEX offers its employees comprehensive health insurance that integrates with the company’s employee wellness efforts. The medical insurance provides benefits to cover primary healthcare as part of their Healthy Living Wellness Program.

Here at Reach Physiotherapy, our team of specialist physiotherapists, massage therapists, pilates instructors and personal trainers and additional choice allied health professionals integrate the latest technology and medical research to treat our clients.

Also, Reach Physiotherapy is a centre of excellence and the only clinic to provide Intra-muscular Stimulation (IMS) on the south coast.

To find out more free to call our clinic directly 01273 732835

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