Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga

Nowadays health and fitness are all the rage, with people looking for ways in which they can live a healthier lifestyle. People are always trying out different types of exercise to see what works best for them and Yoga is seen by many as a great way to calm your mind and relax.

Dynamic hatha flow yoga is a branch of yoga which is gradually becoming more popular. It is extremely beneficial to your health and it is good for people who are looking to treat issues such as back pain and joint issues. This article will explore dynamic hatha flow yoga and why it is such a great exercise to do.

What is Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga?

Dynamic hatha flow yoga is a practise of yoga that aims to allow you to gain control of your mind using different body postures, positions and breathing. Hatha yoga is all about allowing you to get more focus and rationality, whilst improving your state of mental health. The word ‘dynamic’ means that you focus your energy and hard work to the inner workings of your body (such as your mind and breathing). It is more intense than other forms of yoga as the moves are slightly more vigorous, and you will definitely work up a sweat.

Exercises Involved

The movements involved in dynamic hatha flow yoga are of mild to moderate intensity. It requires more energy and effort than normal yoga but is nothing like going to the gym and trying a cardio workout. Exercises in dynamic hatha flow yoga are ones that involve arm balances and inversions. They generally consist of movements that focus on contracting targeted muscles and trying to improve an individual’s strength and flexibility. 

Benefits of Dynamic Hatha Flow Yoga

Mental Health

 We all know how stressful life can be, especially in the current times. It can be so easy to forget to take a break and time for ourselves. This has contributed to  there being more cases of different mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, than ever before. Therefore, dynamic hatha flow yoga is so important and beneficial as it allows you to set aside time to focus on solely yourself, and to take note of your breathing and posture in order to restore a sense of mental clarity and stability. 

This type of yoga has been proven to lower your heart rate, and so it is a great exercise to do for people with anxiety or who live a very stressful daily lifestyle. It can help to regulate the heart and calm your nerves, and so make you feel more relaxed and centred overall.

Muscle and Joint Pain

The different moves, positions and dynamic sequences that you do in dynamic hatha flow yoga have been shown to be good for relieving muscle pains. It is something that is actually recommended and ‘prescribed’ to athletes who have sporting injuries and can be used as part of physiotherapy plans for people who suffer with severe back pain.

In fact, one specific study showed that a sample of people who did dynamic hatha yoga as part of a treatment plan for chronic back pain reported to have significantly less pain and general improvement after 6 to 12 weeks of being on the plan.


Dynamic hatha yoga has also been shown to help relieve nausea. This makes it great for people who are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, as it is an exercise that isn’t too strenuous and can help relax the expecting mother. 

Dynamic hatha flow yoga is a practise that is extremely beneficial to our mental health and can help us to get some much-needed clarity in times of stress. It can also be so useful for people suffering from back pain, and for any sporting injuries people may have. It is used by physiotherapists themselves as part of treatment plans and recommended by doctors. Do you really need any more reasons? Check out our dynamic hatha flow yoga classes, and you’ll be on your way to a happier and calmer lifestyle in no time!

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