Digital Physiotherapy

Digital Physiotherapy and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Telehealth is certifiably not a new idea. There are reports of its utilisation since the mid-twentieth century when suppliers utilised two-path radios for correspondence. Then, from the 1960s, health experts used phones to give direction to patients. With the presence of different new advances, telehealth is currently challenging how medical services are conveyed. Over time, unique telehealth phrasing has been created dependent on the field of medical care or the motivation behind the intercession.

Digital Practice:

The digital practice is viewed as more thorough than ‘tele’ because it addresses the scope of various innovations accessible and their effect on training and administration models, both now and later on. The WCPT/INPTRA Digital Physical Therapy Practice Task Force has suggested that the term digital practice be utilised to refer to medical care administration and remotely using digital communication and devices. They presumed that the objective of digital, physical therapy/physiotherapy practice is to work with the “powerful conveyance of non-intrusive treatment administrations by improving access to care and data, as well as overseeing medical services resources.”

Chartered Physiotherapist:

Chartered Physiotherapists utilise manual treatment, including control, mobilisation, massages, and elective modalities, including electrotherapy and acupuncture. Moreover, they use prescriptive exercise as a rehabilitative apparatus to assist patients with accomplishing their maximum capacity. The profession has extended incredibly into other medical services regions. 

A sanctioned physiotherapist is a certified individual from their expert body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). Through this enrollment, they have invested in offering excellent assistance and protecting the quality of physical treatments. Chartered physiotherapists have:

  • Enlisted and satisfied the only expectations of expert practice depicted by the Health and Care Professions Council.
  • Consented to stick to the CSP’s Code of Professional Values and Behavior and work to the CSP Quality Assurance Standards.
  • Consistently utilized a broad scope of assets, support and networking opportunities: these are numerous and differed. However, they incorporate the UK and international peer support identifying with their clinical specialism, support on staying up to date with the latest proof around powerful practice, and for proceeding with continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Focused on commitment with the CSP as the UK professional body that characterises the extent of physiotherapy practice in the UK.
  • Ownership of professional liability insurance.
  • Physiotherapists broadly perceive the additional worth of CSP enrollment.

Digital Physio:

The Digital Physio is an online physiotherapy practice that permits the client to have an in-depth appraisal and the formalisation of a treatment plan by a certified physiotherapist. The Digital Physio was created to assist individuals who are unable to get to customary physiotherapy administrations. They may live a long way from any physiotherapy facilities, work extended periods, or have occupied ways of life with children, making getting into a conventional treatment meetings troublesome.

Digital health is an exciting region to watch and consider how one can utilise innovation to have a more remarkable effect in Physiotherapy for pain management, restoration, and physical wellbeing. It can help coordinate efforts between experts and their client base particularly in rural and regional areas.

Our dedicated Chartered Physiotherapists, at Reach Physiotherapy, assess and diagnose, then plan and administer treatment programs to restore function or minimise dysfunction after disease or injury. All of our therapists are trained in various aspects of care to help you overcome pain and improve mobility.

You can book a physiotherapy appointment at Reach Physiotherapy Brighton easily online. We also offer in-house physiotherapy at care homes when needed. Our physiotherapists can also do home visits if required. For more info on this service, please contact Reach Physiotherapy lead physio Antony at


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