Corporate Physiotherapy

When individuals are experiencing muscle pain, physical injury, or not moving just as they used to, expert physiotherapy can offer rehabilitation solutions.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists provide ergonomic advice to help your employees utilise their workstations comfortably, safely, and productively whilst also highlighting how to prevent any future workplace injuries.

DSE Assessments and Healthy Working

We offer Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments at Reach Physiotherapy to address neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, fatigue and eyestrain associated with computer workstations and equipment. For more details on these assessments click here:

Physio has many benefits for your employee’s wellbeing and productivity:

  • Ergonomic workstation assessments look at your employees work area and how to lessen the chance for injury and discomfort.
  • If an employee is injured, they receive a brief assessment, work-specific treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Employees return to work quickly after an injury.
  • Onsite physio means there’s little disruption to your business.
  • Employees feel happier as they are cared for.

Corporate physios exercise meetings are held by qualified and clinically experienced physiotherapists, sports rehabilitators, and advisors. Every client goes through a complete clinical, functional, and musculoskeletal appraisal, which supports improving their particular program. Each of the meetings is firmly observed, with regular assessments to assess execution and measure improvement.

What is included in corporate physio?

Each workplace is unique, and all employees are people. Consequently, all corporate physio assessment days are altogether custom-made to the organisation’s requirements. In any case, they typically offer the accompanying administrations:

  • Physiotherapy assessment (Back pain, neck pain, posture etc.).
  • Ergonomic advice (Workstation assessment).
  • Desk massage.
  • Pilates and yoga classes.

The point of Physiotherapy is to permit individuals to carry on with a better, pain-free way of life. Corporate physios offer a broad scope of administrations, including a mix of manual and dynamic treatment strategies, for example, core stability, all-encompassing injury, and exercise prescription. All treatments are pointed toward accomplishing further developed capacity and diminishing pain.

The corporate physios offer nearby physiotherapy to help organisations eliminate the expense and productivity issues of staff leaving the workplace looking for treatment. As there is no time squandered on travelling, little personal time prompts most extreme efficiency, and fast admittance to treatment speeds up healing and recovery.

Benefits of investing in corporate physio:

A few studies have perceived the connection between labourers’ prosperity and their usefulness and work execution. Health doesn’t just cover being happy with a task job however physical well-being. When the representatives feel good at the working environment and have a feeling of actual security, it can regularly prompt:

  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Motivation to stay in work
  • Recover from sickness quicker
  • Lower risk of long-term illness
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher quality of outputs or services
  • Better employee engagement
  • Fewer accidents
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Reduced stress

The best resource for the organisation is the people, so working on their well-being and prosperity will eventually positively affect their usefulness and happiness whilst performing tasks.

Corporate physio projects are requirements dependent on a financial plan, social qualities, medical problems, and the ultimate objectives. They offer an essential blend of collective well-being and health administrations, which consolidate to instruct, support, and inspire workers.


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