Body Building and Weight Lifting

Exercise although enjoyable can be risky. Bodybuilders and competitors of different kinds of physical fitness are not new to pain as a part of their training schedules. Muscle pain deals with a continuum from mild to extreme. As a bodybuilder or weight lifter, it’s critical to know when necessary, to reach out for professional help when injured or hurting.

Weightlifting injuries are typically identified with an extreme overload of soft tissue structures and happen to the legs, knees, hips, and backs. They additionally influence the upper body, particularly the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Neck injury is likewise typical.


‘Gymjury’ is a term authored in a study by Hayward Baker. The word depicts individuals getting injured while pursuing their fitness objectives. Research conducted by NHA uncovered that this phenomenon is endured by practically 50% of Brits during exercise. 12% look for clinical consideration for such injuries, including sports injuries and 5% should resolve to extended haul visits with a physiotherapist or other health practitioner. Maybe the most disturbing measurement is that 9% of ‘gymjury’ victims keep practicing despite their injury. The desire to get back to an exercise routine might be substantial. However, the training is counterproductive.

Causes of Gym injury:

There are two primary causes for gym and weightlifting related injuries.

  • Poor posture.
  • Overtraining.

Injuries of Body Building and Weight Lifting:

  • Muscle pulls and strain.
  • Shoulder injury.
  • Lower back pain and strains.
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Knee injury.
  • Pectoral injury.
  • Typical mild muscle soreness.
  • Injury type muscle soreness.

Weight Lifting Body Building, and Physiotherapy:

Working out is an intrinsically demanding activity with a moderately high-risk factor. Overtraining, improper form and ego may hinder one’s objectives. Injuries can be for all time debilitating; however, there are specific precautions that one can take to keep them from compelling to sit out. Proper nourishment, hydration, and rest are some critical components to progress.

With a physical injury that occurs in the gym and from lifting weights and bodybuilding, it’s essential to talk with a physiotherapist to devise a customised plan to assist with recuperating and limit the odds of a reinjury.

It’s critical to see how to lift accurately before attempting anything excessively exhausting. A physiotherapist can help with stance and strategy.

Physiotherapy utilises numerous modalities to promote rehabilitation and enhance performance. Spinal Manipulation can help desensitise painful structures, permitting regular movement, re-establishing posture and balance. Massage breaks up adhesions or scar tissue to improve one’s scope of activity.

Why is Physical Therapy a Need for Bodybuilding?

  • Assists with Muscle Symmetry in Form.
  • Improves Range of motion for Lifting.
  • Helps Prevent Injuries.
  • Maximises Muscle Building Potential.
  • Limits Restrictions on Muscle Growth.
  • Essential to Injury Rehabilitation.
  • A natural way to help the athlete get stronger and build muscle mass.
  • Avoid falling prey to pain killers.

Prevention of Sports Injuries:

There is an undeniable connection between exercise productivity and injury anticipation. The key is to work more efficiently regarding maximising the advantages and limiting the opportunity of injury with training.

Working with a certified physiotherapist to devise a proficient exercise plan can help carry out the essential changes into your gym schedule, to get you back on track and avoiding further injury.

Regardless of whether one is a recreational gym attendee, if they seek a more thorough exercise schedule, assuming they work out consistently, they will no doubt endure an injury sooner or later. Nonetheless, the initial move towards forestalling injuries is by making changes in your behaviour today. Working with a certified physiotherapist to devise a customised, effective exercise plan can assist with this and likewise have significant long term advantages for wellbeing and prosperity.


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