Avoiding Neck and Back Pain

When an individual spends a few hours per day working on a PC or a laptop, they are probably familiar with undeniable irritation, back, shoulder, and even cerebral pains. Overuse of PCs and devices also causes muscle spasms and joints pain.

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Neck pain is standard, with almost one out of three people influenced by it once per year, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Females are influenced more frequently than men, and keeping in mind that the side effects will, in general, disappear. However, they may well reappear and in around 1 out of 10 individuals the neck pain becomes chronic.

Back pain significantly varies from person to person. It can range from gentle to extreme and be fleeting or durable. Forestalling all the pain of the back and neck may not be conceivable. One cannot evade the workload on their spines that accompany the aging process. Despite this we can implement best practices at work and home to help diminish the danger of creating back and neck pain and thus, decrease the negative effect that screen time can have on the body.

Guidelines for Protecting the Back and Neck:

Maintain Body Weight:

Keep a stable weight. Being overweight puts pressure on the spine and lower back. This causes neck and back pain whilst being sedentary as we sit for hours in front of our computers at our work station.

Try not to Smoke

Smoke and nicotine cause the flexible discs that lie in the middle of the vertebrae in the spine to decline or wear out quicker than in typical situations.

Legitimate Posture

Having a great posture is significant in maintaining a strategic distance from lower back issues. How one stands, sits, and lifts things affects their spine’s wellbeing. When sitting in the work area, place the feet level on the floor and the back flush against the seat. The head should be in an impartial situation with the ears straightforward in line with the shoulders.

Change Monitor Height and Keyboard Placement

The PC screen placement is straight ahead before the individual with the focal point of the screen level with their nose. Position the console sufficiently close to oneself so as the elbows are bowed roughly 90 degrees when composing. Moreover, the mouse is also placed in a similar position to your keyboard.

Support the Back While Sitting:

When sitting, keep yourself in a typical, somewhat curved position. Ensure that the seat bolsters lower back and keep the head and shoulders erect.

Work while standing:

In a workplace environment, one can adapt to a new situation by standing at a work table and go about the business. It boosts productivity and allows workplace communication among colleagues. Moreover, it helps in the reduction of back pain. Working while standing enhances brain functioning and helps in maintaining weight.

Proper Exposure to Light:

The work room should have a proper exposure to light. As the dim lights this causes strain on the eyes and crunching of head and neck that lead to straining of the neck and vertebrae.  

Take a Break and Stretch the muscles:

Moving less can prompt weight gain and loss of muscle strength. Simultaneously, it causes muscle and joint pain and may worsen the any discomfort. Therefore, take regular breaks and walk around a bit, doing a couple of stretches that will jump-start the system, stretch the body and freshen the mind.

Reduce screen time:

By reducing screen time, it helps with a decrease in neck-craning and lower back pain. Screen time the gadgets and take some break in between work.

Seek Advice from a Physiotherapist:

A physiotherapist is the best person to assess your posture and to formulate an individualised plan to address and avoid pain.


As the saying goes, “prevention is better than a cure,” which is why setting the workspace correctly is of prime importance. An ergonomic working environment incorporates being comfortable, which can prompt enhancement of quality work. Be mindful of your posture at all times and the counsel provided by your physiotherapist for a functional model to avoid neck and back pain at work.


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