1-2-1 Rehabilitation & Training

Functional and remedial rehibilation Pilates training in Brighton

Our rehabilitation expert is specialised in working with patients completing their rehab whether they have sports injuries, back pain or are recovering from surgery.

She also supports people who simply need to improve their strength and flexibility to reduce pain and unease in the body. Drawing on various methods to help clients to reach their goals and feel empowered through movement. This technique plays a huge role in her work at the hospital producing fantastic results with her patients.

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Functional Rehabilitation

Build strength to restore your body’s natural balance. If you have experienced back pain, recovering from illness or injury a 1:1 session with your goals in mind can show you the powerful benefits of exercise and movement. Get back to sport, improve your fitness and mobility!

Weekly programs are given to each client along with support and encouragement when working towards individual goals.

Remedial Pilates

Feel the healing power of movement in an intimate remedial 1:1 Pilates session for anyone who is recovering from injury or illness. The session will be gentle and restorative, working closely towards your wellbeing goals in a relaxing and healing environment. Using breath work, Pilates based exercises and stretches to reconnect, restore and re-balance the body.

one-to-one training brighton

Co-operation with personal trainers

The unique environment in which Reach Physiotherapy is run allows access to the cities top personal trainers. This collaboration allows our clients to reach their optimal functioning and training level. If you lack any motivation for long-term self-directed exercise then when we are happy that you are ‘good to go’ we can pass you across to the highly trained individuals that we work alongside to keep you going.

If you would like to know more about sports injury recovery, you can check the NHS website.

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