One-to-One Pilates and Yoga

Book your one-to-one sessions now with Reach Physiotherapy

You can book a one-to-one Pilates or yoga session using the booking form below or by calling 01273 92 17 92 or by email You can find out more about our instructors on our Team page.

One-to-one session prices:

Pilates: £55

Yoga: £55

Please note that we operate on 48-hour cancellation policy.

One to one pilates and yoga in Brighton

Benefits of one-to-one Pilates and yoga

  • individual attention
  • good for beginners
  • gradual learning based on abilities
  • personal approach
  • tailored exercises
  • achieve personal goals
  • strong bond with the instructor
  • supportive environment
  • privacy, personal space
  • flexible schedule
  • extra content
  • both mental and physical training

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